Top 10 Metal Performances In Video Games

Get ready, today we count down the TOP 10 metal performances in video games! Brace yourself for a face melting journey through the epic riffs, blistering solos, and sound card splitting double bass kicks that savaged our ear canals throughout video game history. Let’s rock!

10. Splatterhouse (2010) PS3/Xbox 360:

It’s horror and heavy metal combined. The soundtrack is as hard-hitting as the game’s beat ’em up action. As good as a metal compilation soundtrack can get.

9. Prince of Persia: Warrior Within (2004):

Dark and broody with a lot of heavy metal and hard rock. Matches the game’s vibe perfectly.

8. Netherworld- Commodore 64 (1988):

The intro is possibly one of the earliest examples of metal in a video game. The MOS Technology 6581/8580 SID, had to work for it’screating some pretty cool vibes despite the limitations of the Commodore 64.

7. Valfaris- PC (2019):

Composed and recorded by former Celtic Frost guitarist Curt Victor Bryant. The soundtrack is beautiful compliment to the 2D side scroller action.

6. Quake-PC (1996):

Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails nailed the eerie, industrial vibe. It’s like a hours long sound scape from an unreleased NIN album. Put it in your old CD player, and enjoy.

5. Metal-Helsinger- PC (2022):

The noteworthy selling point for this game, is the way it incorporates music into the gameplay. It’s a Doom-like FPS where attacking on beat with the soundtrack increases the player’s attack damage. A rhythm game as much as it is an FPS. Interesting game mechanic and heavy music.

4. Earthbound-SNES (1994):

Starts off all cute and chiptune-like, then “Pokey Means Business” kicks in and it’s pure metal mayhem. Slayer themselves couldn’t have written a better arrangement on SNES hardware. Amazing stuff from ’94!

3. Thunder Force IV- Sega Genesis (1992):

Who knew the old Sega Genesis and the YM2612 sound chip, could churn out such brutal metal riffs? Songs like “Lightning Strikes” and “Metal Squad” are top-notch.

2. Guilty Gear XX- Arcade/Various ports (2002):

All about guitar driven metal from start to finish. The guilty Gear series is renowned for its blazing soundtrack, composed by Daisuke Ishiwatari and Koichi Seiyama

1. Mick Gordon’s Doom series- PC:

It’s like listening to the soundtrack of hell in the best possible way. Drop tuned, steam engine, guitar chugging, metal grooves that gets your adrenaline pumping. The soundtrack won multiple awards including D.I.C.E. Award, SXSW gaming award, and nominated for a BAFTA games award.

Honorable mention: Carmageddon-PC (1997):

Like peanut butter and jelly, nothing goes together like driving and metal. Credit to Fear Factory for supplying the Vocal-free tracks from Demanufacture.

Honorable Mention: TMNT NES intro (1989):

Probably as metal as the NES ever got. Opens with an industrial/techno beat, laying over a chiptune version of a finger-tapping guitar and then fret sliding into an early Metallica inspired riff that melted the face off your 8 year old self.

Hope you enjoyed this look at the TOP 10 Metal performances in Video games. It was quite a ride. Put some ice on that sore neck and check out another awesome article

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