Anbernic RG405m Review

Introducing the Anbernic RG405m

There are only 3 things that are certain in life, Death, taxes, and new aluminum gaming handhelds from ANBERNIC. This time, ANBERNIC introduces the RG405m, the newest revision of the RG series, and the latest metal 4:3 console in Anbernic’s growing catalogue of portable handhelds. The space certainly seems like it’s ANBERNIC’s to lose. This time, they’ve introduced subtle design changes, a larger screen, and the ability to run a wider variety of games. The Unisoc T618 2ghz CPU and MaliG52 GPU have made the next generation of 4:3 consoles (PS2/GameCube) not yet perfectly playable, but certainly very close.

Competition and Comparison
Although the Retroid Pocket 3+ offers stiff competition, I believe the RG405M, with its updated chipset, improved hall sensor analogue sticks, and premium design, more than holds its own. With ANBERNIC’s continued dedication to refining their products, and Retroid introducing their own metal version of the Pocket 3+, this battle of competing consoles between ANBENIC and Retroid could get intense.

Room for Improvement
The 405m is not perfect though. I do have a couple of critiques for the RG405M. The colored buttons on the sleek black, or monotone shell are distracting. It seems as if they had extra colored buttons left over from previous handhelds and are trying to use them up. The lack of a protective cover for the SD card slot is a minor but noticeable oversight, and I do wish the viewing angles on the display were a bit better. The issues with streaming games and the Xbox Game Pass are also a little disappointing, but let’s be real, we are mainly using these devices for retro gaming, and for that, the RG405M is perfect.

I would definitely recommend the ANBERNIC RG405M for anyone who’s serious about their retro gaming. It’s a solid device that feels good to hold and play, and its ability to run higher-end games like PS2 and Game Cube titles is a welcome addition. Yes, it’s a bit more expensive than some other devices, but with its powerful specs, great build quality, and smooth gaming performance, I believe it offers excellent value for money.

Advancements in Operating System
ANBERNIC have come a long way since the Open Dingux operating system. Although, there was a charm in using a clumsy yet easily customizable Linux based OS, this new RG405m uses the Android operating system, which means you can use it to browse the web, watch YouTube videos, or use other apps when you’re not gaming. This added versatility makes it an even more appealing option for those looking for a compact and portable entertainment device.

Overall, the ANBERNIC RG405M has set a new standard for premium retro gaming handhelds. There’s a lot to look forward to in the handheld gaming space, and thanks to ANBERNIC, it seems the metal console market is going to flourish in the coming years. Let’s all just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Purchase Information
If you are interested in ordering an ANBERNIC RG405m, you can buy one at the official Anbernic store, by clicking the link HERE.

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