Retroid Pocket 3+: Portable Power Unveiled

With the Retroid Pocket 3+, the world of handheld gaming sees several improvements. This latest model builds on the previous Pocket 2+ with exciting new features. However, some changes might not suit all players.

Design Choices
The Pocket 3+ sports a slim, wide design similar to the Nintendo Switch Lite. It comes with a larger screen, a definite upgrade from the Pocket 2+. But, the D-pad is now above the left thumbstick. This setup might feel odd, especially for 3D game fans. Also, the new locations of the volume and home buttons might interrupt gameplay.

Screen Brilliance
The new 4.7-inch, 1334 x 750 IPS display is a step up from the old 3.5-inch, 4:3 screen. Colors are vibrant, and pixel density is high at 326 PPI. This feature enhances the gaming experience, especially for widescreen games.

Boosted Performance
The Pocket 3+ has better hardware, a faster processor, and improved GPU. The RAM has doubled from 2GB to 4GB. The result is an impressive performance lift. The handheld now handles games from NES to GameCube and even some Switch titles. This power is impressive for its price range.

Audio and User Interface
A few trade-offs accompany the slim design. The Pocket 3+ has downward-facing speakers, replacing the previous front-firing ones. This design might obstruct sound during gameplay. Also, the Select/Start rocker has moved to the top, a less-than-ideal spot for menu-heavy games.

Software and Support
Retroid has good community support, which is helpful. However, some users have reported Bluetooth audio latency. This issue might be problematic for wireless audio fans.

Battery Longevity
The Pocket 3+ delivers decent battery life, running for five to seven hours depending on the game. But, it loses about 10% of its charge daily when on standby.

At $149, the Retroid Pocket 3+ offers powerful features. However, some design changes and the sound quality might disappoint some users. It’s also worth considering Retroid’s fast product cycle, which could lead to buyer’s remorse. Yet, if you’re looking for a device capable of running NES to GameCube games, the Pocket 3+ is a strong choice in the $150 range.

You can pick one up on the Goretro website, by following the link here.

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